Every new patient has one question in mind ”How often should I see a chiropractor? ”  The answer, for all patients is the same: “it depends on your goals”.

Usually an individual’s spinal problems do not occur suddenly – typically there’s a recipe of activities, posture, and general health that factor in.  Patients tend to have a history of pain – on and off – over several years. And too often what starts as an annoying pain can lead to a more severe situation.  Sharp, extreme and/or shooting pain,  due to wear and tear, could mean your body has surpassed its ability to work on its own.

So the next step is obvious – healing takes time.  To heal, you also have to be honest about what caused the problem in the first place.  Have you stopped exercising?  Have you gained weight over the last five years?  Have you always been carrying too much weight on your frame causing accelerated aging to your joints?  Or do you have an undiagnosed condition that has led to neck and pain discomfort?

Only you know how your body feels and only your chiropractor knows how to treat it.  But before that begins, you must get a proper evaluation from Dr. Fast at the Back Pain Clinic Belleville.  Dr. Fast will take additional time upon your first appointment  to cover your medical history, lifestyle and information about how your medical team can help you.     

In addition to an examination, our staff will help explain the medical benefits available to you based on your treatment schedule.  Understanding how your condition came about is half the strategy; our thorough office manager will look into all benefits from injuries sustained from an auto collision, injured on the job, or just pain associated with age.  Our priority is your health and wellness; devoting the proper time and energy to that wellness take patients and devotion.

Partner with Dr. Fast and his staff to help the healing start now.