For hundreds of years yoga, or variations of yoga, have helped cure both physical and psychological ailments.  The mind-body connection plays a strong role in the balance and maintenance of our well-being.  Our daily routines, like sitting in a cubical for hours or living on the road, consuming loads of unhealthy calories, often poison our body’s ability to feel good throughout the day.  Luckily yoga helps us take inventory of our bodies by checking our breathing, seeking stillness and focus while maintaining muscle control.   Take a look at this short list of  bad routines that could be helped by yoga: 

Marathon Sitting: Most people work in an office setting, spending long periods of time in a chair at a computer.  Rarely does the opportunity strike that you can take a long walk, nor do we pay attention to ergonomics in our environment.

The Weekly Game: Even those who engage in regular exercise and competition can suffer from the occasional  twinge of pain.  One wrong twist or a harder-than-normal hit to the ribs, can leave lingering problems.

Chore Changes:  Anytime we deviate from our routine, we stretch muscles and ligaments that we may not use very often.  These changes can lead to neck pain or extra strain that causes inflammation in the ligaments.  

Take a look at Dr. Rob Fast’s solution for integrating yoga to relieve pain before it starts:

  1. Supine Hamstring Stretch  Lying on your back, bend your right knee into your chest and place a strap or rolled-up towel around the ball of your foot. Straighten your leg toward the ceiling. Press out through both heels. If the lower back feels strained, bend the left knee and place the foot on the ground.  Hold for 3-5 minutes and then switch to the left let for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Two-Knee Twist  Lying on your back, bend your knees into your chest and bring your arms out at a T. As you exhale lower your knees to ground on the right. Keep both shoulders pressing down firmly. If the left shoulder lifts, lower your knees further away from the right arm.   Hold for 1-2 minutes each side
  3. Sphinx  Lying on your stomach, prop yourself up on your forearms. Align your elbows directly under your shoulders. Press firmly through your palms and the tops of your feet. Press your pubic bone forward. You will feel sensations in your lower back, but breathe through it. You are allowing blood flow into the lower back for healing.   Hold for 1-3 minutes.

Of course, you should always check with your chiropractor before starting a new yoga routine.  Make your appointment at the Back Pain Clinic Belleville today!