Patients everywhere have come to recognize the title of Doctor to be one that’s earned, rewarded and respected.  We offer those in the medical community an opportunity to impact our health.  We trust them to know exactly what’s going on beneath our skin. We expect that every step in a medical course of action is warranted, and will result in a healthy prognosis.  And we hope that we’re treated with the same kind of care that doctors, nurses and technicians would give to their own families.

That’s why it’s important to understand the education, supporting role and care given by the staff that completes the small healthcare community in a chiropractic office.  Take a look at all the people that create excellent chiropractic care – like the type of care you receive at Dr. Fast’s Back Pain Clinic in Belleville.

Office Manager: There’s no other job that has a wider range of duties than that of office manager. And all our patient’s are lucky to see Lori’s smiling face at the desk at every appointment. Her administrative position is in charge of all the operations that happen in – and out- of the office.  Lori has certifications in billing and coding, as well as attend yearly seminars to stay abreast of changes in the healthcare profession; from helping patients understand the processes of the office, to assisting the doctor in billing and personnel, office managers are responsible for running things smoothly.

Chiropractic Assistant: While formal training isn’t required, an Associate’s Degree in Human Science is recommended.   Chiropractic assistants, like Chasney, work under the supervision of a fully licensed and accredited D.C.  Some of Chasney’s duties may include taking general diagnostic information including blood pressure, temperature, weight, and height and records this for the doctor’s use in the examination and treatment. In addition to her “hands on” duties, she also manages the practice’s schedule, makes appointments for patients, determines when the chiropractor is available and confirms appointments to make sure patients are on time.

As our office continues to grow and serve the Belleville community, you may notice new faces as well as new medical interventions.  Dr. Fast and his staff spent the summer investing in updating their office, equipment and technical knowledge to care for the demands of their patients.  It’s our goal to make every person feel like they are getting treated like family.