It’s December 1st!

The beginning of the season!  

The kickoff to all things Christmas!

The time when “thanks” is over, and “giving” is upon us!

Now regardless of your budget, the Christmas season offers a great opportunity to show friends, family, co-workers and loved-ones, just how much you appreciate them.  It’s the time to give them something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, yet something they will love.  Maybe even something that could be life-changing . . .

That’s where we come in.  The Back Pain Clinic – Belleville isn’t just a great place for spinal adjustments and trigger point therapy, but the perfect resource for ergonomic products and therapeutic services.  Here’s a look at just a few new products on the market that are both economical and effective when treating back pain.

For your family: One of the reason getting a pedicure is so gratifying, has to do with the accommodations.  The massage chair lets you lay back, get your “piggies pampered” and enjoy the art of massage therapy all at once.  We’re not suggesting you spend thousands of dollars on a commercial model, rather a modest amount like the massage mat, that the whole family can you.  

For a co-worker: Sitting is the new smoking and we are sitting ourselves to death. Standing while doing work at home or in the office has been slowly catching on.  Getting an adjustable standing desk , like one from Ikea, could relieve both your back and neck pain.  Improved circulation and posture control could lead to a brilliant idea that gives you the edge in the workplace – not make you feel on edge.  

Someone special: The best way to show someone you care for them, is investing in their health and well-being.  It sends the message that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.  Dr. Fast can provide the personalized service, expertise and care that will have your loved one on their way to a healthy 2018.  Just make an appointment a the Back Pain Clinic Belleville; first consultations are always free and insurance can supplement a lot. The only bill you’ll be picking up is for the hiking expedition over spring break!