Genesis – a new beginning. It also means origin, or formation of something new.  In either application, the Genesis Rapid Fat Loss system is designed to help you start over and drop weight fast!

This nutritional program takes the basic foundations for a healthy lifestyle  and optimizes your natural, biological cadence. The required components – metabolic enhancers and systemic planning – are key to experiencing fast results.  The program works by speeding up your metabolism to release fat from the body’s abnormal storage areas; then it re-routes the fats converted in your liver to expel from the body.  The supplements do all the work!  Follow the phases from Enhancer, to Fat Shredder and finally to Fat Converter.

While the supplements are doing their jobs, you get to indulge for a moment.  The unique aspect of this program begins with a “loading phase” – a massive calorie intake in order to trick the body into processing large amounts of fat. Slowly you reduce calories so your body will burn the old, stored fat first.  And finally, as your cravings are curbed and you see results, you’ll stay in the maintenance phase.  This is the point where you slowly increase calories to a point that balances your new metabolism – and your new body!

Dr. Fast has been instrumental in developing and promoting this program.  His patients can testify to its results; even his office manager Lori used it to lose approximately 30 pounds.

Back pain, joint pain and even muscle pain will go away as you shed the unnecessary burden of extra fat.  Stop trying to lose weight yourself – get to the doctor.  Start today and in just 30 days you’ll be up to 30 pounds lighter!

“My first week, I dropped over 6 pounds. My blood pressure started coming down.  I noticed I had more energy.  My body felt great and my knees and back stopped hurting.” – Christina C.