“If you like the way you look that much, then baby you should go and love yourself.”  The infamous words of Justin Bieber ring loud this Valentine’s season.  But do they hold true for everyone?  What if you don’t like the way you look? Or even worse, the the way you feel?  

Love yourself enough to make your health a top priority this year.  Instead of answering the typical question of  “What am I going to get for my . . . wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/?”  Ask yourself, “How will I care for myself in the year ahead?”

The concept of self-care isn’t new and isn’t only for millennials.  In 2015, according to the Pew Research Center, more millennials reported making personal improvement commitments than any generation before them. They spend twice as much as boomers on self-care essentials such as workout regimens, diet plans, life coaching, therapy and apps to improve their personal well-being.

So,where do you begin?  If there’s just one take away, it’s that increased self-awareness can be powerful.  Take an inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, stressors, rewards, highs and lows. Then follow this recommendation that flies in the face of traditional relationship advice. But remember,  we’re not talking about what you’ve traditionally done, right?  We’re talking about you taking care of you!

CHEAT.  Create a wellness schedule that includes a healthy meal plan, time for exercise and even a weekly budget.Then, schedule some mindful moments of yoga, a special snack to look forward to and even a “change” jar.  Throw in your daily change, as well as little notes as to how you’re going to use that money to change!  

Most importantly, check in with your body with a free evaluation from Dr. Fast at the Back Pain Clinic Belleville.  He can help get your body healthy through a maintenance plan that include adjustments, diet check-ins and exercise regimes.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you – from us!