Winter is viewed in different ways by many people.  Some love the change of seasons and opportunity to ski, sled and skate.  Others become snowbirds and travel south in hot pursuit of warmth.  And others, mainly fitness freaks and athletic achievers, see the cold weather as a small obstacle in the way of their normal routine.

For those looking to stay in shape without the run-of-the-mill treadmill training at the gym, look for creative ways to workout inside and check-in with the physical signs your body is giving you.

Think Outside the Spine: Conventional wisdom would have us believe that chiropractic care is only for those experiencing neck or back pain.  When we look a little deeper into the nerve-endings and areas of anatomy serviced by our designated spinal columns, we can find several overlooked effects of spinal manipulation.  

Football: Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, is one of the main forms of chiropractic therapy used in sports medicine. The main goal with OMT is to promote flexibility and pain-free movement.

Hockey:  An often overlooked, full-contact sport where neck, shoulder and spinal injuries are common. is ice hockey. Chiropractic has been shown to reduce painful symptoms of recurrent shoulder instability related to hockey injuries.

Soccer: Five to twenty percent of all sports injuries involve groin pain. However, it’s not always the result of a line drive baseball. One of the most common causes of groin pain in athletes is athletic pubalgia, commonly referred to as sports hernia.  A study showed that soccer players who experienced sports hernia were relieved of discomfort following 8 weeks of a combination therapy that consisted of chiropractic care and rehabilitation exercises.

Olympic Strength Training: Although mainly used for alleviating muscular and skeletal complaints, it seems that chiropractic can also promote physical strength.  In one study, national level judo athletes showed a 16% improvement in grip strength after undergoing only three chiropractic sessions. For years, chiropractors have worked with world-class Olympic athletes to improve their strength, endurance, and range of motion while training. Olympic athletes also receive chiropractic care at the games.  

When you’re working out indoors this winter, let Dr. Fast work on you! Call the Back Pain Clinic Belleville today to find out how you can stay in shape with chiropractic help.