According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are a little over 44,000 chiropractors in the United States; but all you need is one doctor you can trust.  Many just make an appointment at the first place they find in the phone book – hence the barrage of “ABC” titles offices.  Others research so much that they talk themselves right out of an appointment because the conditions aren’t perfectly to their liking.  Are you suffering from a sports injury?  Do you have pain associated with a work injury?  Or is there pain or stiffness associated with a car accident?    

Relief starts at  The Back Pain Clinic Belleville.  We are here to make it simple for you from start to finish,  and head to toe!  Here are some hard and fast rules to determining the right doctor for you:

Determine Which Doctors Are “In-Network”:  We’ve provided all pertinent information in an easily accessible format on our website.  If that’s not your style, just call and ask for Lori; with over 30 years experience, she’s happy to help.

Find a Doctor with Expertise that Meets Your Health Needs: Dr. Fast graduated from Logan University – a college specified for chiropractic care.  Beyond his degree, he continued his education to specialized in rehabilitation, sports medicine  and orthopedic chiropractic

Ask for Referrals: From Facebook to Twitter, to Google, it’s easy to see what our patients think about Dr. Fast and his staff.  We have 5 star ratings across the board; but what really matters to us, are the detailed stories of how chiropractic care has been life changing.  Just see for yourself!

Think About Logistics: We conveniently located on Main Street in the West End of Belleville, across the street from Althoff Catholic High School and Frank Scott Parkway.  This location might not be close to you, but we often cater our office hours to your needs.

Visit the Doctor: We offer free consultations upon your first appointment.  Dr. Fast always schedules extra time for new patients so he can hear, understand and relate to your history dealing with neck and back pain, headaches or general malaise.

Don’t wait another moment to seek relief; march in and make an appointment today to start your maintenance program!