The requirements to complete a Doctorate in Chiropractic include two years undergraduate studies, an additional four years practical and clinical training at a college of chiropractic, and finally a licensure certification exam – and that’s just the minimum required. However, there are those that go above and beyond “the minimum” to keep their patients healthy.

Chiropractic care is often seen as an encompassing term for manipulation of the neck and spine for pain relief.  While this perspective is valid, there is so much more chiropractic care has to offer. Spinal manipulation, adjustment and alignment isn’t just for those suffering with pain. In fact, many of our patients at the Back Pain Clinic Belleville believe in regularly scheduled maintenance plans in order to get the most from their visits.  Most recently, Dr. Fast has been able to implement some cutting edge techniques he mastered at the Carrick Institute.

The Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, specializes in programs for practicing Doctors of Chiropractic; participants engage in “hands-on examination and interpretation of joint movement and central neurological controls of the motor system.”   The unique aspect provided by the institute is the techniques developed through their expansive clinical research. Participants like Dr. Fast will continue to “master clinical applications” through follow up training.

So how does this impact patients at the Back Pain Clinic?  We believe each patient we see is unique – their anatomy, immunology and medical history are all unique factors that create a story for pain and discomfort.  Doctors trained at the Carrick Institute have harnessed the diagnostic experience of neurological observations during adjustments that can indicate more specific issues.  These techniques have been used in both the medical community, as well as those in the Sports Medicine, who treat professional, Olympic and college athletes.

Trust Dr. Rob Fast to focus on caring for all aspects of your well-being; he’s dedicated to the Belleville community and committed to finding new ways to treat old problems.