Chronic pain comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, it might be daily migraines caused by a neck injury; others might experience weekly sciatica from the strain of sports.  Both are constant, debilitating and even life-altering. The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that approximately 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain; that’s more  than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. From a biological perspective, pain serves the purpose of letting your body know there is a presence of injury or infection. To that effect, chronic pain is the unrelenting identification of biological or mechanical problems.  It’s defined by Medline as “pain lasting more than 12 weeks.”.

But what is the mental toll of chronic pain on the afflicted?  Part of the holistic approach in chiropractic care is healing the body and mind.  Often times, when patients walk into the Back Pain Clinic, they’ve been dealing with an old injury, persistent pain and mental anguish.  When Dr. Fast meets a new patient he engages in a thorough physical examination, as well as an in-depth discussion about lifestyle changes. He considers all these factors when developing an individualized course of treatment to improve functionality.

The course of managing pain, to correcting mechanics, to preventing further pain or injury can be summarized in one word: maintenance.  Chronic pain doesn’t appear one day – it builds over time. Consequently, pain and healing isn’t’ corrected in a day – it requires a maintenance plan.  Once Dr. Fast aligns the neck and spine to provide relief, he’s dedicated to making sure his patients don’t relapse. In this case, the mental rewards can be as impactful as physical rewards.

When over-the-counter medicines stop providing relief . . . when you’re avoiding regular activities you once enjoyed  . . . when you breakdown at work because you’re tired of dealing with the pain, call The Back Pain Clinic. We specialize in assessing, treating and maintaining your body and mind.