Did you see what I saw this morning?  Peeking through the clouds . . . That bright yellow ball in the sky called the sun?  Spring is here! If you’re like me, it’s been hard to see – through the rain, snow and dreary forecast.  But let’s get past the pessimism that comes with weary weather and get into the outdoors!

Humans have biological connection to the earth;  our symbiotic relationship can help us flourish. While this isn’t a recent discovery, some holistic supporters have taken the benefits to a new level call “Earthing.”  It’s defined online as “a fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.”  Some of the practices encouraged range from walking barefoot to absorb earth’s free electrons to staring at the sunrise to improve vision. And like most online enterprises, there are a host of product readily available to “enhance” the beneficial experiences.  

The Back Pain Clinic strongly believes in the body’s ability to heal itself through proper alignment of the neck and spine.  However, that’s just where the benefits starts. Part of proper alignment is maintaining a healthy weight. Any patients with serious medical conditions should consult their medical doctor before making drastic changes in treatment.  Chiropractic care is often complementary to mainstream medical treatment; Dr. Fast has a strong relationship with many doctors, trainers and weight-loss professionals in the Belleville area.

So let’s explore how spring, Dr. Fast and his Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System can work together to kickstart your health.

The Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System is all natural.  The secrets to its efficacy involve utilizing the body’s natural fat burning process with a specific timing regimine of vitamin supplements.  The result is immediate weight loss! Losing weight increases flexibility and mobility, making regular exercise easier on joints and muscles.  Are we all looking for less stress in our lives – both physically and mentally? Spring into action and make an appointment at The Back Pain Clinic Belleville to kickstart your weight loss!