Which moves moves faster – technology or society?  Maybe that’s too hard, let’s try something easier.  Which moves faster – technology or medicine? It’s a trick question because the answer is both!

The medical community is constantly evolving because healthcare as we knew it has forever changed.  Scientists, engineers, doctors and patients all work together to advance medicine for the entire world.  We’re not just talking about the latest, expensive antibiotic. We’re focusing on the advanced techniques gained from diagnostic machines used in chiropractic care.  

While therapies might be new, the problems they seek to solve have been around forever.  That’s why the Spine Research Institute in San Diego is the leader in developing techniques to relieve the pain and stiffness associated with whiplash.  The institute seeks to “provide research and education in the area of spinal health and injury prevention. (We) are especially concerned about cervical spine injuries that result from whiplash trauma. In addition to our own research, we constantly monitor and synthesize the world literature.”

According to the National Safety Council there are approximately 10 million accidents that occur each year; nearly 15 to 40 percent of those injured in automobile accidents will struggle with chronic pain for the rest of their life.  Whiplash is the most common among those accident victims. With that, your chiropractor should be skilled in addressing all symptoms associated with whiplash, like neuromuscular issues, cervical spine trauma mechanisms and biomechanical knowledge of brain injuries.

So when it comes to which chiropractor in Belleville works the fastest to learn the latest techniques for his patients, the answer is simple – Dr. Rob Fast.  A graduate from Logan University – College of Chiropractic, Dr. Fast continues his studies yearly at institutions like The Spine Research Institute and the Carrick Institute to ensure he’s giving you the best care possible.