It’s Tuesday and the week ahead leaves much to be desired.  Anticipation for a three day weekend dominates the conversation at work and school.


Are you doing anything this week?

Yeah,  we’re heading to the lake! What about you and your family? Any plans?

Just driving to the city for ballgame and maybe a quick trip to Ted Drewes.


Sounds all too familiar, but something is missing.  The unspoken, but necessary concern about traveling over the holiday weekend.  According to, travelers are four times more likely to be involved in a deadly car crash over Memorial Day weekend than any other time of year.  Increased traffic mixed with distracted or intoxicated drivers creates formula for car-related calamity.

Luckily, not all car accidents are deadly, but most result in headache, contusion and strains, or even whiplash.  A short visit to the emergency room typically leaves a patient with some x-rays, a prescription for Tylenol 3, a hefty co-pay and directions to “follow up with your doctor if you continue to feel badly.” And like that you are out the door.

More than 70 percent of people who visit the emergency room after a car crash still feel pain 6 weeks later, according to a study from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.  “We believe that this research indicates that doctors have to start treating these individuals with persistent widespread pain very early, and not wait for the pain to resolve itself,” says June Hu, a study researcher. She explained that the majority of individuals with widespread pain who were evaluated by a medical professional after an accident saw their pain reduced substantially in that 6-week period, and it was virtually nonexistent 6 months later.

While there may not be doctor that specializes in accident-related injuries, there is a local doctor with over 20 years experience in pain management – Dr. Rob Fast.  His holistic interventions coupled with the latest in diagnostic technologies, offer a range of options for a host of related issues. The goal for all patients at The Back Pain Clinic Belleville is to live a pain-free life doing the activities that you love.

So whether or not you’ve recently been in an accident or have are still suffering the lingering effects, call to set up an appointment.  Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend!