We’ve all been there before: you find yourself at the doctor’s office because you just can’t live with the pain any longer.  Waiting rooms begin to feel like home because you’re there for an hour or longer. Once in an exam room, you’re trying to work with a doctor who keeps mispronouncing your name and barely looks in your eyes.  You have a choice: continue with the current care or try someone new?

Choosing a doctor used to be intimidating . . . . that is, in the days before the Internet.  As our society has grown more mobile, so has our communication. Information-rich websites help us determine if we want to spend our time and money on a service or product.  In fact, we can typically participate in a quick transaction on the site that satisfies some of our needs: order products, contact representatives, compare pricing or make appointments.  However, we still rely on our friends and family when it comes to choosing a health care provider.

Dr. Rob Fast is new to Belleville, but is experienced with dealing with neck and back pain.  As a practitioner in the St. Louis metro area for over ten years, his patients have followed him from Jerseyville, to O’Fallon and now to Belleville.  His reputation for patiently-friendly care and convenience has helped place him as one of the area’s top chiropractors. Make a connection on his LinkedIn page to see his qualifications; view his growing network of clients on Facebook or read more to find view his take on the state of chiropractic care in modern medicine on Twitter.

Take a chance and find out for yourself by scheduling your first appointment; schedule online at www.backpainclinicbelleville.com or call 618-234-5200.  Allow some extra time to spend with Dr. Fast upon your first appointment, so he can create a treatment plan specific to your needs.  Come prepared with questions regarding treatment options, fitness and nutrition plans or insurance policies; both the doctor and the staff are equipped to answer most inquiries.

So take a quick inventory:

1) Is the treatment you’re currently receiving working?

2) Do you have the doctor’s full attention while you’re in the exam room?  

3) Has the doctor chosen a course of action before proper evaluation?

4) Do you feel comfortable and trusting of his/her care?

If it’s time for a change, make it fast . . . . Don’t live with the pain, try Dr. Fast.