Most people don’t experience shoulder pain until their mid-30’s or 40’s – if they are lucky.  And most causes of shoulder pain can vary – old athletic injuries, mother’s and daycare workers carrying children all day, or laborers and construction workers engaging in heavy lifting every day for years.  Few seek out medical care because they’re tired of going from one doctor, only to be referred to another. Many find some relief in prescription drugs that wear off after heavy use. And for more severe cases, surgery is the only treatment to repair damaged tissue.

Luckily, chiropractic care can help – in any scenario.  According the the September 2018 edition of The Journal  of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics:

 “Active shoulder flexion and abduction mobility increase after manipulation of thoracic spine in patients who have undergone surgery for rotator cuff suture. Subacromial space increases significantly with shoulder in neutral and external rotation position after manipulation. No differences were found regarding surface temperature of manipulated area.”

What does it mean?  No more pinched nerves or stiffness.  The sharp pain experienced with a pinched nerve usually means that it has been compressed and placed in an abnormal position. Dr. Fast can locate the pinched nerve and perform a manipulation in order to relieve the pressure and return it to its proper location.  Additional therapies can also be provided in clinic, such as ultrasound treatment, to help further reduce pain and inflammation.

Don’t ruin your holidays by living in pain.  Call the Back Pain Clinic today to make an appointment.  We are conveniently located on West Main Street, across from Althoff Catholic High School, and have openings available until the end of the year.   

Shoulder pain can slowly wear you down; Dr. Fast can help.