Get to know Dr. Fast’s approach to chiropractic care and his philosophy toward helping patients.  Here’s what he has to say . . .

What lifestyle changes/modifications do you recommend for a healthy back and neck?  

I am strong proponent of exercise.  If patients are willing and able to begin a conditioning program I will help develop an individual program for each patient to use outside of the office.  One that will identify their weaknesses and that they can perform either at home with what they have available or if they have access to a gym.


What signs and symptoms should patients look for when deciding to see a chiropractor for the first time?   

Since I have lots of patients that are active duty and get transferred to different duty stations I always tell them to ask around at their new location.  Friends and co-workers will refer to someone that they trust. Look for a common name. Call that office and see if you can do a consultation with the Dr. I feel that a chiropractor is a very personal choice and with that comes trust.  For potential patients I set aside time on my schedule to sit down and meet with them to discuss their health needs and concerns. Whether their condition can be treated with chiropractic care, and what their expectations should be. I feel it is important for a patient to be comfortable with the doctor and the office.  These consultations are of no charge and gives me the opportunity to meet with potential patients in a no pressure situation.


Which patient or situation did you help, that made the most impact on your early career?  

One of my first patients that I cared for at my first practice in Jerseyville was hurt on the job.  He was on disability and could barely function because of his neck injury and headaches. He had undergone several unsuccessful interventions including several neck surgeries.  He could barely care for his young son and wife. I worked with him for quite some time and I remember the day his wife thanked me for giving her her husband back. He never went back to work, but he was able to help around the house, was in less pain and less angry, and was able to help care for their son again.  

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