All too familiar with pain? While that’s not necessarily a good thing, there is help.  When back or neck pain hits, we have three choices: ache, adapt or appointment.  

It’s crazy to think about the amount of pain we will tolerate – not because we want to, but mostly because we have to. Culturally, society will tells us it’s not okay to take care of ourselves because you can’t miss work or there’s no one else to step in.  It’s easy to see this play out in a number of ways: two weeks vacation, five sick days and a dozen or so holidays. So if you picked option “ache,”  then you need to do some research.

Modern medicine and the advent of urgent care clinics within miles and minutes of everyone everywhere, has opened new avenues for addressing patient needs.  Not feeling good? Strain yourself? Just head on down to urgent care! Sounds great, right? Yes and no. Broken bones and viral flus can be quickly cured, but chronic pain takes more than a prescription by the temporary emergency doctor assigned to your room. And trying to adapt to most symptoms associated with inflammation, pinched nerves and slipped discs, will lead you to your next emergency visit.  Chronic pain is off the charts when compared to  the 1 to 10 sad-faced emoji scale displayed in the waiting room.

The Back Pain Clinic Belleville makes addressing your urgent pain needs easy.  According to the reviews on Google, the average time spent in our west-end Belleville office is approximately 45 minutes.  Other offices can leave you in the waiting room for the same amount of time.  Keep in mind, your first visit with Dr. Fast will give more time dedicated to discuss your personal history with pain, review prior imaging and take new diagnostic measurements as needed. Meanwhile, our experienced office manager Lori, will contact your insurance to find out the details of your plan so you can focus on getting better.

So make an appointment today at the Back Pain Clinic Belleville to make your chronic pain a distance memory.