Coming off the Stanley Cup victory a little over a week ago, St. Louis Blues hockey is in the spotlight.  If you watched even a few minutes of the Blues playoffs games, you noticed the skill, dexterity and brute force that goes into being a hockey player.  Year round training is physically demanding requiring speed, agility, balance, strength, and flexibility.  Couple that with the near constant collisions with other players and hard falls, and it’s easy to see why so many injuries result from ice hockey.  Fortunately, Dr. Fast and his staff provide a variety of benefits to hockey players through professional chiropractic care.

Reduce Pain from Back or Spine Injury

A hard fall, or severe crash with another player can easily trigger a misalignment in the spine.  When the spine becomes misaligned, pain resulting from a “pinched” or compressed nerve can be felt throughout various parts of the body.  Adjustments to spinal misalignments can reduce the pressure on nerves, thus reducing or eliminating the pain that hockey players feel in your arms, legs, back, or neck.

Promote Healing

Scar tissue which builds up after an injury is often responsible for chronic inflammation and pain.  Chiropractic care designed to align the spine can help support internal healing. Dr. Fast uses the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic technology to ensure a healthy flow of oxygen-rich blood to injured tissues. This can reduce inflammation, and the pain resulting from inflammation.

Increase Range of Motion

When the spine is misaligned in hockey players, range of motion in the joints is compromised.   Limited range of motion is responsible for all kinds of unnecessary and potentially avoidable injuries.  Range of motion testing allows our chiropractors to determine the appropriate course of treatment to pursue to increase your range of motion.  Possible chiropractic therapies may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy, or even low level laser therapy.

Improve balance and coordination

Balance and coordination depend upon not only your eyes and ears, but on your nervous system’s ability to send signals to the appropriate parts of the body so that they may respond.  If your spine is misaligned, the transmission of these nerve signals is hindered. Through correcting a spinal misalignment, thereby restoring proper alignment of your musculoskeletal system, hockey players soon find improvement in balance and coordination.

At the Back Pain Clinic Belleville, we welcome the opportunity to work with recreational, competitive and professional athletes in order to assist in preventing sports injuries, recovering from injuries, and helping athletes to perform at their very best.  We offer chiropractic evaluations, adjustments, range of motion testing, injury rehabilitation, massage therapy, low level laser therapy, and numerous additional wellness services for hockey players in the Belleville area.