In many ways we look up to professional athletes; for their athletic appearance, dominance in the sport they love or even the fame and fortune.  But at the root of their success – after a lot of talent and a little luck – is the ability to perform at the highest level. However, many athletes pay a high price for using their bodies for their careers; CTE is the hot topic in the NFL and for soccer and baseball players, it the ACL. 

Despite these occasional “career ending” injuries, these athletes listen to what their bodies are telling them.  Part of that routine includes weekly chiropractic care. It’s a trainer’s job to teach athletes how to get stronger and faster—and in doing so, they pick up some important tips from their clients in return. But it’s the chiropractor’s job to ensure proper range of motion, notice any neurological changes and give important feedback to their patients.

So, what makes professional athletes flock to chiropractic care? The Journal of Medicine for Physical Therapists reports that sports account for up to 15% of back pain and neck injury. High contact sports and intensive weight training programs result in an incidence of 75% of low back pain per year among professional athletes. Research has found that chiropractic care significantly improves joint mobility and decreases the number of painful trigger points throughout the body. 

Another study, published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, evaluating the effect of pre-competition manipulative treatment on athletic performance elaborates on the relationship between chiropractic treatment and sports. Researchers cite the positive correlation observed between athletic performance and consistent treatment can be the result of numerous benefits of chiropractic treatment. These aspects support athletes through treating of pain obtained in the field as well as providing protection from injury and maintenance required to keep the body functioning at a high level.

So join the elite and schedule chiropractic care, like that of Dr. Fast and the staff at The Back Pain Clinic Belleville, into your regular routine.