Once a doctor earns his degree, he or she has important decisions to make.  Do I set up my own practice or work with a group?  What services will I offer? What types of insurance are acceptable?  But the most important question remains: Which community will I service?  For Dr. Rob Fast, the answer was simple – the citizens of St. Clair County.  

As a native of Canada, Dr. Fast was a patient in the Canadian healthcare system where he was treated for wellness visits throughout his childhood. As he grew into an athlete, he participated in competitive waterskiing, which eventually began to take a toll on his body.  Luckily he found excellent care in his neighbor, who was also a chiropractor. The benefits from t\he chiropractic care he received kept his spine, joints and muscles healthy and injury-free.

 Fortunately for us, his experienced sparked his interest in chiropractic care and helping patients maintain their health and live pain free. 

After studying and teaching in St. Louis, Dr. Fast moved to the Jerseyville area, then to O’Fallon.  When the opportunity to learn more from Dr. Meinders presented itself, he took it. Shortly thereafter, he became the sole physician and owner of the Back Pain Clinic Belleville.  He continued to care for Dr. Meinders patients and grew closer to the members of the community.

His office is located on West Main Street in Belleville; convenient for St. Louis patients, residents who frequently Belleville Memorial Hospital and athletes, students and administrators of Althoff Catholic High School, Belleville West and surrounding elementary schools.

The Belleville area is growing and so is the office at the Back Pain Clinic.  While the City of Belleville has added a nearby running track and a newly constructed YMCA, Dr. Fast has renovated his office and added new equipment and services.

Dr. Fast and his staff want to be part of the Belleville community and surrounding areas, to bring health, healing and wellness treatments to those in need.  He understands that an educated public is key to living a healthy lifestyle. His friendly staff are always willing to help you understand your treatment options and schedule appointments convenient for your weekly routine. 

Please contact the Back Pain Clinic Belleville via our website or at 618-234-5200 to schedule an appointment.  If you’d like Dr. Fast to speak to your school, organization or club members, just ask. And be sure to check out his reviews on Facebook!