Our last Facebook promotion had people wondering if $29 for complete chiropractic screening is possible?  It is! But ONLY with Dr. Fast. This special value is only able to be maintained for a short time. However, the value of that screening is worth much more . . . it’s worth peace of mind . . . It’s worth your health   . . . it’s worth getting your life back.  

Whether you’re looking to improve posture, restore normal functioning of joints or improve your range of motion, chiropractic care is the perfect option for you.  Luckily, the Back Pain Clinic Belleville has figured out a way to overcome high deductibles with affordable visits and co-pays for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance.  

Chiropractic care requires a highly customized treatment plan with varying degrees of financial commitment. With the help of our office manager Lori McCurdy, you can rest easy knowing you can pay for your chiropractic care in monthly installments and simply focus on feeling better.

According to the latest reports on healthcare policies in the workplace,  unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried employees.  For the 77 percent of 94,000 employees who missed work because of a chronic health condition in one study, the total cost in lost productivity was $84 billion, Forbes reported. Another study concluded that unscheduled absenteeism cost roughly $3,600 annually for an hourly worker and $2,650 for a salaried worker.

In short, missing work due to chronic pain is costly to everyone. If you’re experiencing neck pain, back pain or migraines, make your appointment today. If you want to restore optimal mobility, flexibility and balance.  With all-natural, holistic approaches to pain management, now is the right time to access these 100% natural services.