These are unprecedented times we are living in now.  Long lines for groceries, cleaning supplies and medical masks keep us in a holding pattern for what is yet to come.  Parents struggle to work from home and educate their children over the next two weeks.  The cancelation of long-planned spring break vacations cause sadness; the elderly and those with autoimmune disorders struggle with anxiety.  

While many people panic, others are trying to look on the bright side.  Amid this pandemic, there is a lot to learn. Here are the top three lessons that the response to COVID-19 has presented to us:  

  1. Our Bodies are Resilient: The core philosophy of chiropractic care is the idea that the body can heal itself.   Most people infected with the virus will get sick – fever, respiratory issues, fatigue, and confusion. The symptoms can last for up to 10 days and patients can remain infectious for up to 14 days after recovery, But the good news is most people will recover and go on to live normal healthy lives. 
  2. Rely on the Experts:  Since the advent of the Internet and all the information it has to offer, people have been self-diagnosing through sites like WebMD. In many cases this has supplied the knowledge to self-advocate to your doctor or healthcare team.  Other times, the diagnostic services provided by caregivers like Dr. Rob Fast, offer specific insight as to what is causing your pain.  Accurate testing combined with a thorough physical exam can pinpoint treatment to fix your body. 
  3. The Belleville Community Cares: Businesses ranging from restaurants to gyms have been forced to close their doors to the public to suppress the spread of the disease through social distancing.  Schools have rerouted students to learning online and homeschooling from parents. Meanwhile, Gov. Pritzker has invoked new measures to strengthen the healthcare community like extending license renewal, calling back retired doctors and nurses and allowing essential healthcare offices like the Back Pain Clinic Belleville to remain open.  He understands the necessary service chiropractic care provides to the community and wants patients to support a pain-free lifestyle without heading to the emergency room.

Stay safe and know that Dr. Fast and his team are here to help.