It goes without saying that the pandemic has greatly affected our lifestyles – from the way we work to the way we relax.  What we considered, or actually never had to consider, our normal daily routines, have been upended in an effort to stay healthy and COVID free.  

Tension headaches, spinal and non-spinal joint pain, neck pain and lower back pain are all rising, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

The No. 1 cause? Lack of movement, the group says, as the commute between our bed, our desk and the fridge while we wait for the pandemic to pass is substantially smaller than our pre-covid routines.

The effects of lifestyle change have even made it all the way down to our feet.

“Footwear — or lack thereof — may be to blame for the upsurge in cases,” according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, which recommends wearing work shoes for a couple hours a day.  Arch support provided in a good pair of athletic shoes can help balance and redistribute weight and cushion sensitive feet.

Another odd effect of (not contracting) COVID involves eye pain and migraines. More screen time equals more eye strain. Eye strain leads to migraine headaches. And migraine headaches (should) lead you to  . . . chiropractic care . . . great chiropractic care.  Dr. Fast is an expert at using spinal manipulation to relieve pain from head to toe.  His focus on holistic, non-invasive treatment makes him the obvious choice for pain relief.

But these are all irritations that are treatable with the right care and attention — a price worth paying to save the lives of others.  

Stay safe, enjoy a break from the norm and visit the Back Pain Clinic Belleville.  Isn’t it time for a change?