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Chiropractic Massage Belleville, IL

What is Chiropractic Massage?

The Back Pain Clinic offers chiropractic massage, using various massage techniques to reduce muscle pain and increase active, pain-free range of motion. Massage therapy has been proven to help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase joint mobility and flexibility, and improve recovery from soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains.

Problems It Can Address

If you suffer from any of the following, you may benefit from massage:

  •  joint pain
  •  tendonitis
  •  muscle strains
  •  joint sprains
  •  chronic “knots” in the muscles
  •  plantar fasciitis
  •  tight IT band
  •  impingement syndromes

Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

  •  reduced pain and stiffness
  •  improved range of motion
  •  better biomechanics
  •  more efficient movement patterns
  •  less compensation along the kinetic chain
  •  faster recovery from workouts/competition
  •  improved core strength
  •  better balance and flexibility
  •  reduced risk of injury

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    Back Pain Clinic Chiropractic Massage

    Chiropractic massage is a holistic approach to healing back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. At the Back Pain Clinic, our team of highly trained professionals use specialized techniques to realign the body’s joints and muscles. Dr. Fast has extensive knowledge in treating spinal injuries and other chronic pains, allowing him to provide a tailored solution for each patient.

    The practice of chiropractic massage involves using highly skilled hand movements to manipulate the soft tissues and align the spine properly. By relieving tension from the body’s muscles, we are able to effectively alleviate pain from underlying causes such as tightness in the shoulder or hip region. Through implementing stretching exercises and corrective techniques, our staff aim to increase range of motion as well as improve overall posture for an enhanced quality of life.