Conditions Treated

Low Back Pain

Due to the complexity of the spinal cord, it is impossible to diagnose back conditions without thorough examination.  Once you arrive, Dr. Fast can speak to you about your symptoms as well as take in-house X-Rays of the affected areas.  Spinal manipulations will be given after the full assessment discovers the source of the pain.  If further treatment is needed, the Back Pain Clinic can provide a variety of additional therapies, such as heat or ice therapy, muscle stimulation, or microcurrent therapy.

Neck Pain Relief in Belleville, IL

Neck Pain

Because it has a variety of sources, neck pain is a common ailment for chiropractic patients. Dr. Fast can view your neck vertebrae via in-house X-rays taken upon your first visit, if deemed necessary. Once he locates the cause for your pain, he can perform cervical manipulations, which will loosen up the joints and help realign the neck vertebrae into their proper positions. For those nervous about manual manipulations, Dr. Fast can use our Pro-Adjuster, which gently realigns any asymmetry it detects in your neck. We also have an on-site cervical traction unit that will assist in decompressing the vertebrae in the neck. Neck exercises might be provided to help strengthen muscles for further treatment.

Sciatica Pain Relief in Belleville IL


Sciatica is a common complaint for chiropractic patients, usually manifesting as lower back pain that radiates down either or both extremities. Once it is identified, Dr. Fast can provide spinal manipulations to restore misaligned vertebrae. We can perform an ultrasound as well as other therapies, which helps to reduce inflammation, the chance of muscle spasms, and promotes healing.

Slipped Disc Care in Belleville, IL

Herniated Disc / Slipped Disc

For those suffering from a herniated disc, the Back Pain Clinic offers a variety of support to help ease the pain.  Dr. Fast, after confirming the diagnosis, can perform adjustments to help relieve the pressure.  Non-surgical spinal decompression – also known as the “DRS System” – is an option that can provide additional relief.  In conjunction with the DRS, we perform electric muscle stimulation and ice therapy in order to reduce inflammation and soothe the slipped disc.  Dr. Fast can also provide therapeutic exercises to further stabilize and strengthen the affected areas.

Headache Chiropractic Care: Belleville Area Chiropractic Care

Headaches / Migraines

The root cause of most headaches resides in your neck vertebrae not properly supporting your head.  Once the spinal subluxations are identified, Dr. Fast can perform chiropractic adjustments to alleviate the pressure and improve spinal movement.  In some cases, this adjustment can provide immediate relief for headache sufferers.  Dr. Fast can also advise on posture, ergonomics, and exercises.  This information can be emailed to you after your appointment for easier access.

Pinched Nerve Care Belleville Area Chiropractic Services

Pinched Nerves

The sharp pain experienced with a pinched nerve usually means that it has been compressed and placed in an abnormal position.  Once symptoms are discussed, Dr. Fast can locate the pinched nerve and perform a manipulation in order to relieve the pressure being placed on it as well as return it to its proper location.  Additional therapies can also be provided in clinic, such as ultrasound treatment, to help further reduce pain and inflammation.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Services in Belleville, IL


Due to the extra weight carried in the front, some women experience back pain, normally caused by an increase curvature in the spine, or misalignments in the pelvis. Dr. Fast can perform manipulations to realign your vertebrae to restore proper posture. For postpartum care, Dr. Fast can treat a variety of conditions, depending on your symptoms.