In An Accident?

Auto Accident Injuries

Every accident is different, which means that your symptoms are unique. There can be anything from whiplash to ligament damage. And although you might not feel pain at first, you should always get checked up afterwards to ensure no further damage affects your body.

When you come into the Back Pain Clinic, Dr. Fast will give you a thorough examination, complete with in-house X-rays if necessary, in order to best diagnose your symptoms and proper treatment. We provide an array of therapies to help you get back to being able to live your life normally again. These therapies may include rehabilitation exercises and hands-on treatments, such as ultrasounds or muscle stimulation.

Our goal is to get you back to living the life you led before the accident with the least amount of stress possible. This means that we are happy to work with you, whether that means addressing issues with the insurance company or filing your billing for you.

Work Comp Injuries

We accept Worker’s Compensation cases, and we strive to do our best to help you recover from whatever injuries you sustained. We handle a variety of Worker’s Compensation cases every year. With this experience, The Back Pain Clinic can provide insight into your conditions that others might not. We are happy to address your concerns, whether it be in regards to insurance or the current status of your case.

When you arrive for your first visit, we will perform an extensive examination. Dr. Fast can then concentrate on the root cause of your injuries with our wide range of treatments. Depending on your symptoms, you might receive therapeutic exercises, adjustments, and/or in-house therapies, including ultrasound, microcurrent, and muscle stimulation. These can help strengthen your muscles and assist in rehabilitating you so that you can get back to your life as it was before the incident.

Sports Injuries

Unsure of where to go after injuring yourself playing your favorite sport? There’s no need to look any further. Dr. Fast specializes in sports injuries and has treated hundreds of patients, ranging from ages 13 to 70. No matter what sport you might play or what you might have done, we can certainly assist in getting you back into the game.

You will receive a full examination you first visit, complete with X-rays taken on clinic property if required, to help pinpoint the source of your pain. We can then employ an assortment of therapies and rehabilitation exercises, depending on your specific needs. Our staff is specially equipped for sports injuries, able to demonstrate and administer proper stretches and exercises. In addition, Dr. Fast uses kinesio taping, which can assist in supporting the injured muscles and tendons to increase your healing and mobility.