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“I have been dealing with back and neck issues for over 10 years and was very hesitant in finding a new Chiropractor after moving to the area.  I was comfortable with my old chiropractor, and we had history and a routine.  When I walked into Back Pain Clinic and met Dr. Fast and his staff, I knew I had found the right place and had no need for anymore worries.  They are happy to work with my schedule and any specific needs that may require attention.  It is such a blessing I found them.  I am a super satisfied customer.  Thank you for all you do, Back Pain Clinic!”

– Kelly P.

“My quality of life has improved 100% as a result of obtaining treatment at The Back Pain Clinic.  When I first started going, I had suffered with sciatica pain for several years.  It had progressed to the point where I had much difficulty moving from sitting to standing.  After a regimen of treatment, the pain was eliminated.  I most recently have suffered severe neck pain.  Because I go regularly for adjustments, after only two adjustments, the neck pain went from a 10+ to a 1 and then disappeared.  (The first time, I was sitting at their door – practically in tears from pain – when they opened in the morning.)
Age and working at a sedentary job affects my pain level from time to time.  Regularly-scheduled treatment by Dr. Rob Fast at the Back Pain Clinic significantly improves my quality of life.  Dr. Fast is qualified and provides effective appropriate treatment.  He, along with his technicians, is most personable.  They are the best staff ever.  Everyone at The Back Pain Clinic has empathy for the patient’s pain level and will accommodate patient’s needs.
So don’t wait until you are in major pain.  Seek an evaluation to determine your current situation.  And if you are in major pain, call immediately.  Your life will be significantly impacted.  Taking pain pills regularly is not a healthy solution.  Treatment at Dr. Fast’s is the best thing you can do for your overall health.”
– Betty G. 
As a college athlete, my health is paramount, and my body is my tool.  I came to Dr. Fast in a position where I could not swim, and he and his team within 10 weeks had me ready to race.  Every visit gets me in better shape to perform to my best.
The moment you enter the building, you will receive the best patient care in the area.  There is a vested interest in your health rather than your checkbook, and Dr. Fast will do whatever is needed to get you healthy.  I trust these guys with my health, and they have not once failed to make good on that trust.”
– Jack D.
“In October of 2015, I was digging holes for fence posts when my back went out.  I was unable to walk without assistance for three days.  When I showed up at the Back Pain Clinic, I was using a walker.  After two treatments, Dr. Fast had me moving around without any help, and by the end of November, I was almost back to normal.  I am now down to one treatment a month to maintain and strengthen my back.  I am glad I didn’t go to an orthopedic surgeon!”
– Ricky G.

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    The Back Pain Clinic, Chiropractors located in Belleville, Illinois offer the finest in chiropractic care to the towns of: Belleville, Illinois, O’fallon, Illinois, Fairview Heights, Illinois, Shiloh, Illinois, Scott Air Force Base, Waterloo, Illinois, Mascoutah, Illinois and Columbia, Illinois. We've been practicing chiropractic medicine for almost two decades! Dr. Rob Fast and our team are highly trained with a wealth of experience in spinal manipulation and patient care. We are dedicated to reducing customer discomfort in all steps of the process from the moment you walk into our office. With extensive knowledge and training in: therapeutic massage, flexion distraction, neck traction, intersegmental traction, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and spinal decompression, we implement a variety of techniques aimed at reducing, and eliminating back pain. We offer quality chiropractic care in St. Clair County from our office at 5206 West Main St. Belleville, IL 62226. Whether you suffer from lower back pain from exercise, stiffness and back pain, lingering neck pain from car accidents, a thrown back from exercise, or back pain from sitting too long with bad posture, the Back Pain Clinic in Belleville, IL can help. Back injury is common and often left untreated. Untreated back injuries can lead to long term back pain and costly procedures later in life. Instead of living with pain, call us at 618-234-5200 to set up an appointment and receive the chiropractic care you deserve.