Belleville Weight Loss Program

Try Our Simple Weight Loss Solution in Belleville, IL

Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System

Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days!

The Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System occurs in three simple phases.  The first prepares you for your upcoming diet.  The second involves reducing calorie intake in order to help the body burn irregular fat.  Finally, the last phase helps your body balance the newly acquired metabolic change.

This revolutionary program utilizes three supplement components:

Belleville Weight Loss Program

Genesis Metabolic Enhancer

Speeds up your metabolism without the jitters.

Belleville Weight Loss Program

Genesis Fat Shredder

Causes your body to release fat from abnormal storage areas.

Belleville Weight Loss Program

Genesis Fat Converter

Changes conversion of fats in liver from being sent to storage.

Unlike other programs, Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System allows you to still cook some foods that you enjoy.  There’s no need to fumble over bland, pre-made meals.  A wide range of recipes will be supplied to provide you with a solid foundation.  This will help you get started with your diet and supply you with the knowledge of cooking for maintenance.

Gym membership is not required to experience the full benefits of the Genesis Rapid Fat Loss System.  The supplements taken execute perfectly without needing the additional assistance of a workout.  Thus, those who have a busy schedule can continue enjoying free time to the fullest.

You are not alone in your weight loss pursuit.  We will be providing weekly support to continuously track your progress in both weight and inches.  For those who hit a temporary plateau, we have on-call assistance about what actions to take and can schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible, according to your schedule.

For more information, feel free to call at 618-234-5200 and ask for Lori!